Background: Made for City Life Center located in Columbus, OH, Mentorific is an app aimed to pair young at-risk teens (mentees) with older life mentors to equip them with tools and knowledge to make changes in their lives. The app has two sides to it: one for the mentors–where they are able to access the Admin Portal–and one for the mentees. Each member of the relationship is able to view the same information throughout the entire app, as well as input goals.
Challenges: Since Mentorific is an information, goal-driven app, the delivery of the app's user-generated information needed to be easy to read and navigate, all while capturing the spirit of optimism and hope of changing your life for the better in its UI. This was achieved through the strategic placement of bright colors and patterns throughout the app, while keeping the information-heavy screens more subdued and simplified so the user isn't distracted from the main objective of the app.

Since the colors and patterns in the app were the most distinctive pieces of the UI, they were each specifically chosen for their meanings and associations, while still keeping in mind that the app is meant to be catered to a wide demographic of all genders and ages.
Objective: The objective of this app was to create a place where mentors and mentees can collaborate on and review a mentee's life goals in a variety of subjects together. The app is meant to be a supplement to real life conversations, but somewhere where either party can also go back and review current and past goals and assessments on their own. 
Results: After completing the prototype of Mentorific, I was able to follow it through development to ensure that the final app reflected the initial design and its intentions on both iOS and Android. The final end product was an app that City Life Center could proudly use to supplement their mentorship program.
Workflow of all initial wireframes for Mentorific. All screens were fully prototyped and tested in InVision before beginning UI design.
Final UI of the screens that I feel best represent Mentorific and what the app does. These screens include the welcome screen, mentoring pair, dashboard (mentor view), topic evaluations, past self-assessment score, topic goals, review goal, admin portal main, relationship, user profile (from admin view), needs match, add new match, list of users, user profile (from user's view), and topic resources.
Final design mockup for Mentorific.
Walkthrough of final Mentorific prototype.
Information Architecture, Wireframing, Conceptual Design, UI Design, and Quality Assurance as a Web Designer at Studio Pence
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