Background: OmniCheer is the largest in-stock provider of cheer uniforms. The company has been in business for over 20 years and prides itself on quality, spirited designs, and value. The main demographic of OmniCheer is K12 cheer teams, including team members and coaches.
Challenges: As someone with limited knowledge about the sport of cheerleading, I was diving headfirst into a world I didn't know. Throughout the project, I discovered that cheerleading is as much of a sport as football or baseball. Cheer teams take their sport seriously and require an intense amount of stamina and strength. Redesigning OmniCheer's site gave me a newfound appreciation for cheerleading and its members.
Results: After completing both heuristic and competitive audits aimed to improve OmniCheer's user interface and accessibility, I redesigned the homepage, search results page, and product page. The redesign created a more clear and concise structure to the site that is easier for the user to read and digest. Ultimately, the site went under a complete redesign that introduced OmniCheer as a feminine, yet serious sport through the use of neutral colors and bold, heavy fonts.
OmniCheer's site before the redesign.
Audit Recommendations:

1. Create clear designs for buttons and links. Use the designs throughout the site, making sure to focus on the sizing and discoverability of buttons.
2. Reduce the amount of information on the homepage (especially since most of the information is repeated), and rearrange the information to excite users to scroll down further on the page. While doing so, also utilize white space to make the text and individual sections easier for the users to read.
3. Create clear and simple customization options on product pages that guide users where to go next instead of allowing them to possibly miss a step or overwhelming them.
4. Allow the user to continue shopping immediately after adding item(s) to their bag by creating a pop-up letting them know the item(s) have been added to their cart. The current site takes users to their bag, encouraging them to check out before they are ready.
5. Condense the amount of navigation items by grouping sections that go together. Also, utilize mega dropdowns to save user clicks, that way they can go directly to what they are searching for instead of having to browse another page for it.
New sitemap that condenses the amount of navigation items by grouping sections that go together. The new sitemap utilizes mega dropdowns to save user clicks, that way they can go directly to what they are searching for (recommendation 5).
Wireframe sketches for the homepage and product page.
Final wireframe for the homepage. The homepage of OmniCheer is set up to highlight key features of OmniCheer’s appeal (the new 2020 Spring Collection and their option to customize uniforms) while also displaying their new arrivals and bestsellers for those who are casually browsing.
OmniCheer’s new website takes a clean and modern look at cheerleading. The bold headlines throughout give the site a clear and cohesive message that cheerleading is a sport meant to be taken seriously. The light pink background gives the site a hint of femininity and balances out the bold, dark headlines without being too overwhelming.
The redesign gives the same styling and colors to all buttons on the page and allows the site to be easily navigated via the navigation bar. The design, and in particular the landing image, also gets the user excited to scroll down the page and explore further into OmniCheer’s website.
Walkthrough of the sites three main pages: homepage, search results page, and product page.
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