Background: Pod 51 is one of the most affordable hotels in Manhattan due to its pod setup. This site included the homepage for Pod 51 as well as an interior page where users can book a pod. 
Challenges: Pod 51's redesign relied heavily on circular elements and illustrations, which can be difficult to transfer correctly on responsive sites. In order to combat this, as the screen size got smaller, I took out certain design elements but made sure that each responsive version of the site looked similar to its other versions. This was also my first time designing a text-heavy interior page.
Results: Pod 51's redesign concept consists of 6 full screens (3 desktop, 3 tablet, 3 web). I kept the brand's color palette to separate it from its other, more traditional hotel competitors. The bright brand colors alongside the illustrations and vector icons help the brand to stand out. The circular elements and asymmetrical illustrations resemble the closeness and community of the pods. 
Initial wireframe sketches for the homepage and interior page
Closeups of the custom iconography created for Pod 51's redesign
Final mockup of Pod 51 site
Desktop mockup
Walkthrough of desktop version
Tablet mockup
Walkthrough of tablet version
Mobile mockup
Walkthrough of mobile version
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