Background: Everyone knows, and has probably been a consumer of, Starbucks. Their stores are on every street and have become a staple of many's day. Starbucks Cold Brew is one of their lesser known items, only being able to purchase in grocery and convenience stores. I created a marketing campaign to increase awareness of Starbucks Cold Brew, focusing on its unique flavors and on-the-go option. 
Challenges: While creating a marketing campaign for such a well-known brand with strong branding may seem easy, it was proven to be much more difficult. Starbucks has a phenomenal design system, and I wanted to incorporate it as much as I could while still putting my own style and twist into the campaign. In the photography, I incorporated Starbucks' belief that the photos should have a human-centered approach that amp up realism and appeal. With the typography, I strayed away from Starbucks' three main fonts and opted for one that still felt like the brand, but brought more focus to the copy. This project taught me how to integrate a company's existing brand into a fresh redesign.
Results: For this marketing campaign, I created a series of social media and email ads, an informational landing page, and a print ad to promote Starbucks Cold Brew. Each ad focuses on one of the three unique flavors, while the landing page and print ad include all three. The circles throughout the campaign symbolize the coffee and the fact that it's on-the-go no matter where you're headed. All photography shot by me.
Initial sketches for the campaign
Variations of different landing pages throughout the design process
Final mockup of landing page
View the landing page prototype here.
Social media and email ads
Instagram ad for Cocoa & Honey Cold Brew
Twitter ad for Classic Cold Brew
E-mail newsletter ad for Vanilla & Fig Cold Brew
Print ad featuring all three flavors
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